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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you travel? Is there an additional cost?

A: We do travel! We are based north of Atlanta, so if your event location is outside of our radius, a small travel fee will be applied to cover mileage. If the drive time is more than 5 hours, additional fees may apply for flights or other transport for videographer and 1 assistant. Additionally, depending on event location, 2 nights of lodging may be required in order to fulfill contracted hours on day of event. These charges will be outlined in the contract and applied to the final cost.

Q: How do you select music? 

A: We have a service that gives us access to a variety of instrumental tracks that we use in our videos. We choose tracks that fit the feel of the wedding. The song is usually a little slower for the first half of the video, and then we choose a more upbeat track for the reception.

Q: Can I choose my own song?

A: Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we can not use just any song in the video. However, we can send you some of our more popular instrumental tracks and let you pick your favorite!

Q: What is included in your packages?

A: Check out what is included and the pricing on our Investment Page!

Q: What is included if I purchase the Raw Footage?

A: Raw Footage is available for purchase up to 1 year following your event. The Raw footage will include all clips captured by the mobile camera (both cameras if you have two shooters). Since we capture footage to create a highlight video, we do not get long continuous shots with the mobile cameras. Rather, we do short clips, adjusting our angle and then recording again. For things like a first look, the first dances, cake cutting, and toasts, we do record the entire event in one recording while we move about to get different angles. For the ceremony, we also get one continuous recording with the mobile camera, but this moves in out out of focus and is not always pointed at the bride and groom as we move to get a new angle for the edited highlight. We do set up a GoPro from a single angle to record the entire ceremony from start to finish. This footage is not used in the highlight, but it is available if you purchase the Raw Footage. 

Q: Do you record the Full Ceremony?

A: Since our specialty is highlight videos, our focus is on what we capture with our mobile cameras to use in the highlight edit rather than capturing the full ceremony. However, the full ceremony is recorded on a GoPro from a single angle and a continuous shot on the mobile camera. This footage is not always in focus or pointed at the bride and groom because we move around to get new angles for the edited highlight. We do not do a full ceremony edit where we combine the GoPro footage with our mobile camera clips, however you can get the full Ceremony footage from the GoPro and the mobile camera with the purchase of the Raw Footage. 

Q: How do we receive our finished highlight video?

A:  We deliver our video files digitally, so once your highlight video is complete, we will share a link with you via email where you will be able to access the full quality video file. We recommend that our clients download that file to a jump drive (or two!) for safe keeping for years to come. We also share our videos on our Client Highlights page as well as our YouTube so you will have an easy way to share your wedding highlight with your family and friends.  

Q: What is a Bride and Groom Special Edit?

A: The Bride and Groom special edit is a shorter edit that is included with the normal highlight video and teaser video in the Bonus Package. If you are not interested in the Bonus Package, you can still purchase a Bride and Groom Edit for $300. This can be purchased up to a year following your event. The special edit ranges from 3-5 minutes and focuses more on just the Bride and Groom throughout the day. It leaves out much of the family and bridal party footage (not necessarily all of it) and it is not edited in chronological order. To see an example of a Bride and Groom Special Edit, check out Mabrey and Jackson's Special Edit here!

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